Tossing and Turning
June 20, 2011, 10:55 am
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I seem to be in that state where your body is dead tired, ready to shut down for rest and your brain wants to have an internal monologue. I would love to tell my brain to please knock it off and go to sleep. So far, I cannot do that. I am victim to the recesses of my mental minefield. Tonight’s debate is what makeup I want to buy from Chanel, and what shopping trips I should plan with my friend Shannon. Superficial and petty I know but I feel a little down with her moving. So I decide retail therapy is needed, in which I am a firm believer in. Busying myself with these lavish shopping sprees in my head, until I get paid and can finally do the damage to my wallet that it deserves, and can handle. For you see I have the knack of always finding some way to spend my money, but such is life. I say if you feel a little down, buy yourself something. Money is meant to be spent, live a little. Enjoy. Well, it’s 4am, I need sleep and I think my brain is finally ready for rest. Goodnight.